Evidence-Based Assessment

This page complements several other resources that we are building online, including pages on Wikipedia as well as a site on Wikiversity on Evidence-Based Assessment.

We are using this set of pages to host information that is not getting released to the WikiMedia Commons, but still is publicly available. This includes:

  • EBA Care Packages for Assessment of Mood Disorders
    • Instructions
    • Measures
    • Links to Wikipedia & Wikiversity pages
      • Key next steps:
      • Need a hit counter and way to track email addresses (this is the pair of key functions that the email approach currently is filling). Once we have these duplicated on the web site, we can publish this part of the page.
  • EBA Step-by-step Examples (Vignettes)
  • EBA Teaching Manual (e.g., Peerwise, vignette teacher vs. student versions on Wikiversity)
    • This could include examples from the Excel sheet that we have been working up
  • Feedback (e.g., Qualtrics survey, follow-up survey?)
    • We could have one Survey that tracks which page people came from as an autofilled variable
    • Also could have separate surveys
    • At the end of the vignettes, could have surveys that essentially duplicate Mel’s dissertation
  • Supporting Tables and Figures
    • Mapping psychometrics to 3 Ps
    • Table of base rates
    • Dozen facets of EBA
    • Blank Nomogram
    • Probability dashboard mock-up
    • Illustrating Jacobson clinically significant change benchmarks
      • Using normative distributions (back-to-back histogram)
      • Applied to individual case during the course of treatment
    • Showing session-level change
    • Showing daily change
  • Handout (2 pager) to complement online CE workshops and “Virtual Clinical Lunches”