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Wikipedia: Clinician Friend or Foe?

Shelby Johnson, Emily C. Goldman, Mian-Li Ong, Kenny Le, Rachael Kang, Ellie Wu, & Eric A. Youngstrom

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Funded by grants from Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP), Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP) and American Psychological Association (APA)

2017 Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology Conference



  • Evidence-Based Assessment (EBA)
    • EBA uses most current evidence to guide clinical decision-making and avoid bias1
  • Barriers to EBA
    • Clinician concern about inaccessibility and cost of using high-quality instruments2
    • Identifying which instruments are high-quality
  • Wikipedia as a Dissemination Tool
    • Substantial support for effectiveness of dissemination through high-traffic websites3
    • Wikipedia is 7th most viewed site in world4
    • Can be continuously updated to reflect most current empirical research
    • Wikipedia content found to be highly accurate5
  • Goal of Research
    • Use Wikipedia to further widespread dissemination of EBA-related content and tools


  • Procedure
    • Collected instruments from recent reviews6,7 and Division 12 repository, then screened instruments
    • Uploaded information on instruments to Wikipedia pages (development/history, psychometric data, items on screeners, scoring information, etc.)
  • Participants
    • 36 free and validated scales, ranked using criteria adapted from Hunsley and Mash (2005)8
  • Measures
    • For new pages (n=31), measured Wikipedia page views from day of creation to January 2016
    • For edited pages (n=5), measured page views from date of first edit to January 2016


  • Instrument Page Hits (Jul ’15 – Nov ’16)
    • 404,173 page hits recorded from 36 total pages
    • 162,338 page hits from new pages (n = 31)
  • Hits Categorized by Disorder
    • Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive instrument Wikipedia pages (126,952  hits)
    • Substance use pages (44,742 hits)
    • Mood disorder pages (51,602  hits)


  • Impact
    • Help make information on EBA and its tools more readily available to clinicians and general public
    • Mutual benefit and search engine optimization for both Wikipedia and psychological associations from links to and from their web pages
    • Hits continue to accumulate post-data collection
  • Future Directions
    • Additional data collection across other constructs
    • Inviting content experts to evaluate and rate information on Wikipedia
    • Forming inter-university teaching syndicate to continuously update information
    • Creating a rubric to evaluate Wikipedia content


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